Eurofasteners will manage C-product services on your company’s behalf, improving your production efficiency and quality

What are C-product services? C-product services are based on successfully understanding the needs and expectations of the customers, and the resulting cost-efficient and superior service. The C-product services are always customer-specific, and based on solving the customer’s needs. The comprehensive service can include various types of service related to logistics, storage, quality assurance, documentation, or manufacturing.

The Finnish office of our company is situated in Vantaa; and our quality assurance department and main warehouse are situated in Estonia, near Tallinn.

Our absolute specialty is our ability to solve and streamline the logistics of small supplies for our customers, without compromising on quality. Our operating system has been ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. The quality of our operations is ensured by doing business while developing constantly and listening to our customers.

Our product selection comprises of more than 100 000 items, of which 9000 items are in stock. The products are delivered to our customers in Finland, Estonia, and all over the world.

Fastening accessories, plastic and rubber products, manufacturing sundries, electrical components, and customer-specific products.

Our products

  •  Fastening accessories
  •  Plastic and rubber products
  •  Electrical components
  •  Customer-specific products
  •  Manufacturing sundries
  •  Protective equipment and power tools